about us

  • Integrity, honest and passion to be the best with constant quality and innovation.
  • To enhance the joy of eating by creating a 100 % natural and vegetarian frozen dessert.
  • To provide absolute consumer delight through creative & passionate service in a hygienic environment.

What is DaVinci?

Italian Natural Ice Cream

  • DaVinci is 100% vegetarian
  • DaVinci is made from natural ingredients with no synthetic flavors or essences.
  • Though made from the same ingredients as Ice Cream viz., milk, cream, sugar and stabilizer.
  • DaVinci made from fresh fruit, sugar, milk and cream.
  • DaVinci is a nutritious food as it contains protein, calcium, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin A, and almost all the B group vitamins.
  • DaVinci has a lower fat content of approx. 4 per cent as compared to natural Italian ice cream which is higher at 10 percent or more.
  • It is freshly-made daily to ensure that it is always fresh unlike industrial ice cream, which is manufactured and stored indefinitely.
  • It is served with a spatula at a higher temperature which does not sting the mouth.
  • Gelato is the generic word for Ice Cream in Italian.
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