We are now interested in franchising our concept nation-wide. The franchise model is very simple and is as follows:

  • The franchise has to pay a one time franchise fee. In return, the franchisor will provide technical know-how and assistance to the franchisee during the duration of the agreement.
  • The franchisee has to find a suitable location on the ground floor of a market or shopping mall/ food court that has high footfalls. The area could be a minimum of 100-200 sq. feet.
  • The size of display cabinet can vary from 6 flavours to 30 flavours depending on the size of the outlet and the scale of operation. The price of the cabinet varies accordingly.
  • The interiors of the outlet have to be done by the franchisee which includes flooring, pop, paint, lighting, generator back up, stabilizers, lighting and electricals, air conditioning etc. The design has to be in sync with the franchisor’s model.
  • DaVinci is supplied by the franchisor to the franchisee at a cost that is the MRP less a certain percentage which works as a healthy and profitable margin for the franchisee.
  • The franchisee will place orders 24 hours in advance and the shelf life of the product is 5 days.
  • An investment of Rs 6 - 8 lacs required for the Franchise.
  • Space for car parking should be available
  • Franchise holder should procure all statutory requirements (Food license, Shop & Establishment license etc.)